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RKP40c development board kit

I was looking for a basic development board for the ATmega16/32 microcontrollers, I did not want one of the boards that has masses of components on the board such as LEDs, switches and LCD headers but just a bare bones board that is more like a breakout type.

Here is a picture of the board I found, it has an ISP and the ARduino RX and TX type connection (FTDI and other devices as well). There is a reset switch, oscillator and a couple of LEDs but other than that and a few other components its as basic and bare bones as you can get, key thing is that all of the ports are connected to headers and clearly labelled.

The board comes as a kit and when assembled should look a bit like this


Once built we’ll connect some LEDs and flash them on and off




Similar to before, written in MikroC Pro for AVR

[codesyntax lang=”cpp”]

void main() 
DDRD = 0xFF;     // set direction to be output

PORTD = 0x00;
delay_ms(1000); // Wait for 1s
delay_ms(1000); // Wait for 1s



I connected a USBAsp to the board and tried to see if I could detect the microcontroller type.


As you could see no problems here, so I then connected a couple of LEDs to PORTD and programmed the device. The LEDs flashed on and off as expected



More details from http://rkeducation.co.uk/RKAT40c-mcc.php, kit comes in at £3.99 from their online store

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