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Cornell University Feb 2013 AVR projects

These are great projects from Cornell University ECE 4760 Designing with Microcontrollers Final Projects

They have a lot of information – schematics, code and information. They are well worth a look

AVR architecture projects using WINAVR/GCC

Feb 2013 projects

  1. Bat Hat (video)
  2. Ultrasonic Pathfinder (video)
  3. Acoustic Wayfinder (video)
  4. Clap-E acoustic tracking robot (video)
  5. Acoustic Impulse Marker (video)
  6. Video input/output rock-paper-scissors (video)
  7. Automobile parking simulator (video)
  8. Infrared Theremin (videohackaday,
  9. GPS runners watch (video)
  10. DJ Party: A Collaborative Music Teacher (video)
  11. Wireless Pedometer (video)
  12. Stabilized Gimbal System for CUAIR Camera (video)
  13. Handheld Self-stabilizing Camera Platform (video)
  14. Laser Tag with wireless logging (video)
  15. Gesture-based security (video)
  16. Pushup Trainer (video)
  17. ColdRunner – A Temperature Feedback Running Band
  18. Smartboard Replacement interactor (video)
  19. Servo-Controlled Fire Extinguisher (video)
  20. Webcam Mouse (video)
  21. Automated Drink Mixer (video)
  22. Touchscreen Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)
  23. Beacon: A Zero Instruction Navigation Device (video)
  24. Acoustic Modem (video)
  25. Mobile alarm clock (video)
  26. Fight Coach (video)
  27. Precision Cooker: A Temperature Controlled Cooker (video)
  28. Eye Mouse (video)
  29. Scan-E: An optical blood pressure sensor
  30. Laser Scanner (video)
  31. Autonomous Air-Hockey Goalie (video)
  32. NFC Transmitter and Receiver (video)
  33. Trainable NEC remote control
  34. Remote Controlled POV Display with wireless power (video)
  35. POV Magic 8 Ball (video)
  36. 3D POV display
  37. Air Mouse: An ultrasonic pointer
  38. EEG Magic Cat Ears

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