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Cornell University Feb 2014 AVR projects

These are great projects from Cornell University ECE 4760 Designing with Microcontrollers Final Projects

They have a lot of information – schematics, code and information. They are well worth a look

AVR architecture projects using WINAVR/GCC

Feb 2014 projects

  1. Realtime Video Spectrograph (videobirdsongdialup modem)
  2. Circuit Plotter (video)
  3. Skittle Sorter (video)
  4. SingLock (video)
  5. AVR 16-bit, stereo, WAV player (video)
  6. Touchscreen directed robot (video)
  7. Doppler Radar for Collision Avoidance (video)
  8. MIDI glove (video)
  9. Speech Lock (video)
  10. Drums anywhere (video)
  11. Body fat from Impedance (video)
  12. Two player Tetris (video)
  13. CPR training dummy (video)
  14. Color TV game (video)
  15. DCT Frequency Visualizer (video)
  16. Optical Music Reader/player (video)
  17. Ukule-LED (video)
  18. Drum Set (video)
  19. Bike Dash (video)
  20. Music Lockbox (video)
  21. Virtual Bowling video game (videoflex sensor supplier — imagesco.com,
  22. Smart Sitter: Wireless Home Automation System (video)
  23. Realtime Pitch shifter
  24. Virtual Virtuoso for conductors (video)
  25. Distance sensor Space Invaders (video)
  26. Lab Gloves (video)
  27. Sound-localizing Camera (video)
  28. Selfie-bot (video)
  29. Chiptune heart rate (video)
  30. GPS Navigator/Explorer (video)
  31. Ultrasonic Pursuit Automobile (video)
  32. Boxing Training (video)
  33. Virtual Object Grabber (video)
  34. Piano Sight reading assistant (video)
  35. LED Sketchpad (video)
  36. Map-learning, line-following robot (video)
  37. Smart Medicine Box (video)
  38. Bluetooth robot (video)
  39. Balancing robot
  40. Sign Language glove (video)
  41. Electro_ocular cursor control (video)
  42. Security System

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